The best dental clinic for COMPLETE DENTAL checkup in hyderabad

What is 7D Dental Consultation?

A step-by-step consultation procedure to understand the oral issues, oral screening, capturing live-view intra-oral images, noting down findings, advanced OPG full mouth X-RAY to identify underlying issues, discuss the treatment plan or opt for CBCT for further assessment and prepare the patient for treatment.

Each patient at our Dental Clinic in KPHB, Hyderabad undergoes the same consultation. We take great pride in this approach and this method leaves no room for guess work. Accurate diagnosis is arrived based on the clinical and radiological evidence along with our highly experienced dentists assessment.

Following our founders motto of “Providing World Class Dental Care at Affordable Prices”, we provide Ethical Treatments, World Class Dental Care and Transparent Billing at Affordable Rates.

best dental clinic for dental checkup in kukatpally, hyderabad

Steps involved in 7D Consultation

Step 1

1-1 meeting with our best dentists to understand your dental issues along with other medical health issues if any. Chief complaint is first noted down and any secondary issues are also noted down. Our expert dentist will enquire about your oral health habits, eating habits and your general routine. Health or lifestyle issues along with current medications are also noted down. Without a comprehensive understanding of your health it is not appropriate to diagnose the issue or prescribe the correct medication.

Step 2

In-Depth oral checkup. We follow industry leading sterilization protocols for sterilizing all instruments and equipment. Oral check-up is done with sterilized instruments always kept in UV chamber and opened before the patient. Assessment is done by experienced dentists to identify the cause of chief complaint.

Step 3

Capturing in-mouth images with our advanced intra oral camera. Our intra oral camera captures live pictures and the patient is shown these images without getting up from the chair and explained the issues clearly. Intra-oral camera also has a sleeve which is replaced for every scan.

Step 4

Identifying oral issues and teeth which need treatment. Cause of chief complaint is noted down along with all the other issues. Oral check-up combined with images captured from the intra-oral camera form the basis for accurate diagnosis.

Step 5

X-Ray’s to identify underlying issues. Not all things are visible to the naked eye, so we take help of our advanced radiological equipment to get to the bottom of the root cause. Our advanced equipment includes a full mouth OPG X-Ray and RVG sensor from Acteon which is the latest and the best X-Ray available. Our advanced X-Ray machines deliver high resolution digital X-Rays with minimum exposure to radiation. Most assessments go wrong without the use X-Rays, so dont believe if a dentist just checks the cavity and says you need a root canal! Has the infection spread to the root? how far has the infection gone? Is my cavity deep? such questions cannot be answered without the help of X-Rays.

Step 6

The clinical finding are correlated with the radiological findings. Detailed counselling explaining the proposed treatments, risks involved if any and depending on the situation further diagnostics may be referred to. Combining the findings of the X-Rays with the expert dentists examination of the oral cavity will result in accurate diagnosis and also to form a treatment plan. The treatment plan is formed by taking into consideration the patients’ health conditions, age & complications involved.

Step 7

A Comprehensive treatment plan is implemented after discussing the options with the patient. In most cases treatment is immediately started by our in-house specialist dental surgeons. All the treatments are done with the consent of the patient & explained clearly before starting each procedure