Happy Patient testimonial by International Patient

Patient Name: Mr. Ramli Bin Ibrahim
Country: Malaysia
Treatments done: Root Canals and Zirconia Crowns

Mr. Ramli Bin Ibrahim came to apollo Dental KPHB with several teeth issues. He consulted with Dr Swetha, she suggested a robust treatment plan with accurate time plan. Once the treatment was started all the 4 root canals were completed in a single sitting and even temporary crowns were given and he went off flying that night. As Mr. Ibrahim had a plan to visit after 10 days, we could assess the healing of the root canals and put the permanent crowns. We knew time is of the essence anytime an international patient comes and we have to be prepared as there is zero chance of error. The crowns had arrived couple of days back and were checked with the cast. Once all the checks were complete an appointment was scheduled. Mr Ibrahim is always smiling and a very cheerful person. The crowns were placed and they fit perfectly. He is now more than happy to show off his teeth when smiling as you can see from the video testimonial. He is also very happy that he saved a lot of money when compared to Malaysia.