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What are the different types of pain in the head and neck region?

Pain present in the tooth region is called tooth pain and pain present in the joint region is called joint pain, and in muscle region – muscle pain. It is also called as myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome (MPDS).

What are the differences between TMJ pain and muscle pain?

Some of the patients who are coming to my clinic have pain in different areas and are unable to identify the location, such as upper, lower or ear region. At times pain is present only on one side and sometimes both sides. Patients describe the pain as radiating and continuous. The patient must visit the doctor so that they will identify the location of pain, then examine and give full clearance whether it is a tooth pain, TMJ pain or muscle pain.

What are the symptoms of TMJ pain?

Symptoms of TMJ pain are difficulty while opening and closing mouth, chewing, head-ache, shoulder or neck pain, stiffness in the jaw, tooth ache, ringing in ears, jaw pain, facial pain.

What is the main cause of TMJ dysfunction?

Main cause of TMJ dysfunction is teeth grinding or clenching(bruxism), arthritis, stress, jaw injury, attrition of teeth and sleeping disorders.

What are the treatment options available?

The patient should take x-rays such as TMJ open and close mouth or CBCT. Various Treatment options like occlusal splints and TENS therapy are available.

Where can I get TMJ Treatment in Hyderabad?

TMJ treatment should be done specifically by TMJ experts who have access to the latest machinery – OPG XRay & advanced TENS Therapy Machines.

Which is the best dental hospital for TMJ Treatment in India?

apollo Dental Hospitals at KPHB & Kondapur have TMJ Experts along with advanced TMJ Machinery like OPG X-Rays and TENS Therapy Machines who can help you in relieving all types of TMJ pain. Book an appointment with our TMJ Experts in Hyderabad Now.


  • Dr Swetha

    Dr Swetha U is an expert cosmetic dentist in Root Canals, Dental Implants, Aligners, Braces, Smile Designing, Kids and Laser Dentistry. Dr. Swetha has treated over 1Lakh+ patients in her glittering career spanning 14+ years working at top dental clinics in Hyderabad. Her attention to detail, accurate diagnosis, caring & down to earth attitude, beaming smile and 100% patient satisfaction are a rare combination in dentistry. All her dental clinics are ultra-modern, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, have expert team of specialists and capable of handling all dental treatments and dental emergencies. Choose your nearby dental clinic at Kukatpally – KPHB, Manikonda – Shaikpet or Gachibowli – Kondapur and book an appointment now!