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    Dr Swetha U is an expert cosmetic dentist in Root Canals, Dental Implants, Aligners, Braces, Smile Designing, Kids and Laser Dentistry….

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What is Teeth sensitivity?

In dental terminology it is called as Dentinal Hypersensitivity which means a dental pain which is sharp and of short duration, arising from exposed dentinal surfaces in response to stimuli, typically thermal, evaporative, tactile, osmotic, chemical or electrical and which cannot be ascribed to any other dental disease.

When does Tooth Sensitivity Occur?

Sharp and sudden pain, in response to any external stimuli. Most people experience this type of pain with cold stimuli. Hot and cold drinks and foods.

Likely Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Frequent intake of cold and hot drinks and foods. Tooth wear off which can be due to age progression, traumatic bite, uneven occlusal forces(while eating/during anxiety) Gum recession (which can due to excessive or forceful toothbrushing or abrasive toothpaste, or a sign of periodontal disease, position of tooth/teeth)

More Reasons for Tooth Sensitive

Tooth erosion (which is due to gastric acid reflux, excessive intake of acidic foods or beverages) Dental procedures like composite fillings, dental bleaching. Tobacco smoking. Cracked/Fractured tooth/teeth(due to heavy occlusal forces/trauma) Abfraction(wedge shaped defects) or grinding of teeth(bruxism) Tooth decay (in which decay of enamel layer is worn away and reaches to dentin layer causes sensitivity to sweet foods, cold or hot foods or beverages)

How to use Sensitivity toothpaste

Desensitizing toothpaste can be used under the guidance of dentist. After prolonged use of the toothpaste & mouthwash for minimum of 15-30 days difference can be observed. Warm water with a pinch of salt also can help the mild teeth sensitivity.

Treatment by Dentist

Fluoride Varnish may be advised by the dentist if toothpaste does not help.

Heat Sensitivity

Heat Sensitivity occurs when there is an access or infection underneath the tooth. This condition should not be ignored and consulting a dentist is a must.


Malocclusions like deep bite, cross bite usually will lead to enamel deterioration at a young age and the first sign they notice is teeth sensitivity. Do not ignore the signs of teeth sensitivity. It is something your teeth are telling in advance that there is an issue, please correct me! Visiting a dentist will help you understand what exactly is happening with your teeth and why is it happening? once you have the answers to these questions, you can decide the best course of action in consultation with your dentist and get the treatment done.


  • Dr Swetha

    Dr Swetha U is an expert cosmetic dentist in Root Canals, Dental Implants, Aligners, Braces, Smile Designing, Kids and Laser Dentistry. Dr. Swetha has treated over 1Lakh+ patients in her glittering career spanning 14+ years working at top dental clinics in Hyderabad. Her attention to detail, accurate diagnosis, caring & down to earth attitude, beaming smile and 100% patient satisfaction are a rare combination in dentistry. All her dental clinics are ultra-modern, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, have expert team of specialists and capable of handling all dental treatments and dental emergencies. Choose your nearby dental clinic at Kukatpally – KPHB, Manikonda – Shaikpet or Gachibowli – Kondapur and book an appointment now!