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What is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth Cleaning is also known as Teeth Scaling or Oral Prophylaxis The process by which biofilm and calculus are removed from both supragingival and subgingival tooth surfaces. The careful process of removing plaque and tartar/calculus by hand or mechanical instruments by dentist.

What are signs to get a scaling done?

Bad breath. Bleeding gums. Receding gums. Tooth mobility. Swollen gums. Sensitive teeth. Teeth stains.

Myth: Teeth Sensitivity

Scaling makes teeth sensitive is a myth, but fact is after scaling the hard calculus layer is removed and teeth is exposed to the oral environment which makes teeth sensitive in some conditions, but it is a temporary thing which vanishes of in days.

Myth: Teeth Cleaning & Teeth Whitening are same

Scaling makes teeth whiter is a myth, but fact is with scaling only plaque and tartar is removed not making the teeth white.

Myth: Scaling damages Enamel

Scaling damages enamel is a myth, but fact is scaler unit is specially designed to removed plaque and tartar on teeth and has no ability to break or chip off the tooth enamel and enamel is the hardest part in human body.

Myth: Teeth Scaling Results in Teeth Gap

Scaling weakens the teeth and make them loose and creates gaps is a myth, but fact is as deposits accumulate over a long period of time weakens the gums and teeth and forms a calcified structure called calculus. By scaling calculus is removed and visible gaps and mobility of teeth is seen.

Myth: Teeth Scaling in Painful

Teeth Scaling is a painless procedure. It only helps improve the oral hygiene.

What if Teeth Cleaning is NOT Done Regularly?

Generally, scaling is recommended for each and every individual once or twice a year to get rid of accumulation of bacteria around the teeth and gums and bad breath which is caused by it.

What are the different Types of Scaler?

Hand Scaler and Ultrasonic scaler can be used. Dentists usually prefer an Ultrasonic Scaler.

Can I do At Home Teeth Scaling?

Dont try scaling at home as it may damage the gums

What are the Different Types of Scaling?

Normal Scaling & Deep Cleaning with Root Planing

How much time does Teeth Cleaning Take?

Usually, one sitting is required for scaling. A typical session takes just around 10min. If the grade of calculus is more extra 1 or 2 sittings are required.

When is Laser Used?

Laser is typically used for treating Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath and other gum infections. After scaling and polishing procedure, soft tissue laser is used for bacterial reduction inside the gums (attached gingiva) in case of bleeding gums.

What is Teeth Polishing?

In general, after scaling procedure polishing is advised to obtain smooth and shiny surface on teeth.

Interval Between Scalings?

Dr Swetha recommends undergoing scaling every 6months to 1 year. This helps in reducing teeth cavities and gum infections.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts after scaling?

It is best to avoid sharp or crunchy, hot & cold foods, staining foods like popcorn and nuts for 24 hrs.


  • Dr Swetha

    Dr Swetha U is an expert cosmetic dentist in Root Canals, Dental Implants, Aligners, Braces, Smile Designing, Kids and Laser Dentistry. Dr. Swetha has treated over 1Lakh+ patients in her glittering career spanning 14+ years working at top dental clinics in Hyderabad. Her attention to detail, accurate diagnosis, caring & down to earth attitude, beaming smile and 100% patient satisfaction are a rare combination in dentistry. All her dental clinics are ultra-modern, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, have expert team of specialists and capable of handling all dental treatments and dental emergencies. Choose your nearby dental clinic at Kukatpally – KPHB, Manikonda – Shaikpet or Gachibowli – Kondapur and book an appointment now!